No chemical smell at all when opened. Product Title Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress Topper, in 2 ... Average rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on 105 reviews 105 ratings Current Price $64.99 $ 64 . However, Amazon dealt with the problem so quickly and smoothly! Most importantly, it relieved the pressure on my hips for a pain free night. Sleep Innovations is a fairly recent contender in the online and offline mattress space. If you are looking for plush you should go ahead and purchase a mattress topper as well. They are also carried under the Sleep Innovations brand by Wayfair, Walmart, Target, Sears, Kohl’s, Kmart, JC Penney, and Home Depot. Sleep Innovations . I figured it was about time to post a review of this mattress. Use a lighter blanket, or during the winter, set thermostat to 60. I've only been sleeping in mine for seven months but so far it's the same as the day I flopped it into my home made frame (read, 'floor'). If not, other online retailers like Amazon also sell them. This mattress is both FABULOUS (reduces back pain) and GREAT for your money! We look forward to going to bed now whereas our old spring and less older replacement memory foam mattress were NEVER that good. Hudson . You simply cannot put a price on a good night's sleep, no matter how cliche that saying is ;). My chief complaint was that it slept hot - hotter than any mattress I've slept on in my life. It was like a brick. The first few months were rough; this is a firm mattress and I woke up in pain when I slept on my side, still do. I love this bed and its just as good as my very expensive beauty rest mattress. Every night I lie down, I know I'm going have a good night rest. It's not suppose to. Thankfully even when I first cut open the bag it comes in there was no odor at all... literally no odor (even with face pressed against the foam). Manufactured in: China Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled pillows and return them to any Costco store for a full refund. I believe the seller markets this as "medium" in firmness. As I begin to write this, I realize that I must not seem cheesy, so I will get to that part later. Be aware that it is VERY firm in cold weather but it softens as your body heats it up.It didn't seem to be any substantial amount heavier than the coil spring unit that it replaced, but the packaging it comes in makes it seem that way because it's so densely compacted in there. Is not hot at all like some reviews say, but if you need a soft bed look elsewhere or go to a store where you can try it out first. Keep in mind I have only owned it for a week. My only complaint, common to all memory foam mattresses, is that I can't move very well on it. My husband and I have been sleeping on this mattress now for about 2 months. The pad inside was just fine, however. Now I need to find a mattress topper because I am sooo uncomfortable on it. Package arrived on time, and it is BIG box. My kids love them. I was already sleeping hot and I didn't want it to be worse.After reading around for a month or so, I took the plunge and ordered this one, mostly due to the thickness - the Simmons mattress we were replacing was a big mattress, and as a result we had gotten a reduced thickness box spring (which is still good - the new mattress is on the Simmons box spring) so I wanted it to be as close to what we were replacing as possible. The cons: Issues with craftsmanship, quality of foam, and sagging after a short time. This mattress is not "plush" like they say but its not a rock neither. If your looking for a mattress that's super soft like a plush DO NOT buy this. What other great memory foam mattress can you get that actually works well and is far less than the often $1K+ price points?You do have to give it about 2 weeks to "settle" once you open it. My husband likes a firmer mattress, I like a softer one, and this mattress meets us in the middle. Make sure you have it arranged properly before cutting the bag open. this is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. I don't even notice it. It has 2 layers of foam -- a cool gel memory foam top layer and a firm support foam bottom layer. Yes, I am telling all of you that after all of this and for two years now, this Sleep Innovations mattress topper is just as awesome as day one. Firm but very comfortable. I've been treated with nearly every pain reliever and supplements to not much avail. Husband likes a firm mattress, I like a medium one, and we both agree this is medium but he also loves it.It does make me warm when I sleep. I've gone through a Spring and a super hot south Georgia summer and I haven't left any wet daddy outlines on the bed yet. This monster comes rolled up in a box that is very heavy and difficult to move.- Clear the appropriate amount of space before you open the box. My other half cannot sleep on the bed and when she does she wakes up with severe back pain in the middle of her back and lower back. I weigh over 200lbs and over 6'0 ft... Just to put things in if you are out of shape someone to move it....once it expands.. Laying on it is akin to my Grand Bed when it was brand new!! Now I am stuck with this bed and still paying for it. this is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. I can't speak to the long term durability of it just yet (hasn't even been quite a month yet) but I'm confident that it will stand up based on other reviews and that 20 year warranty. When we researched toppers, it had far and away the most reviews (over 3K) with high marks from everyone. I'm used to my old mattress having a grippable edge to help me adjust but this one has a soft edge with nothing to easily grip. I expected to like this mattress a lot more than I do--esp after researching mattresses for weeks. I shopped. That's true once you've had the bed for a while and it's had a chance to absorb some of your body heat. It has some issues with sagging after only 1 year for some. Sleep Innovations sells its products directly on Amazon. I have owned this mattress for over 1 year and love it. Again, not what dirty minds may be thinking Lol. I highly recommend this mattress. It comes folded and then tightly rolled, and the directions say to unroll it a bit and then let it finish unrolling and unfolding on its own. I've waited 6 months to write a review because I really wanted to have some good perspective. 10 10 comments Report abuse Live2Smyle. I bet you can still smell it. Your body heat helps the expansion process. Not too firm. Why I gave it 4 stars is that the listing says medium/soft feel but its no where near soft. Once you cut the plastic, there is no putting the genie back in the bottle.- You need to let this sit out for 24-48 hours before putting sheets on or trying to sleep on it.Some notes on using it:- This mattress contours to you with incredible support that on first touch felt like it might be too firm. The bed is very comfortable and could give Tempur-Paedic a run for its money. Price point was hard to beat and we haven't seen any issues with the mattress losing its shape. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Mattress Pads & Toppers products. Love it. With this bed, unless you put your nose right in it, you really can't smell anything. Sleep Innovations 2-in-1 Ventilated Memory Foam and Fiber Fill Pillow with Cotton Cover, Made in The USA with a 5-Year Warranty-Sold by ErgodE. Also, you will need to use king size sheets because queen sizes generally are too small unless you get stretchy jersey material or something. Cool comfort and pressure point relief will have you sleeping great every night.COOLING GEL MEMORY FOAM: The cooling gel memory foam draws heat away from your body, maintaining your optimal temperature. The chiropractor is able to alleviate some of this, but never enough so the pain and discomfort is always there. During the winter this is great, but without air conditioning(or a fan) it can be a bit much during the summer. And today, we are continually exploring new ways to advance comfort for everyone. I have found zero issues with heat transfer. We had been looking at beds that cost $5000; I'm so glad we made the choice to purchase this one! I've had this mattress for about 10 months now and am fairly pleased with it. We love this mattress now it has softened, Great nights sleep as well as great value. It take a night or two to get used to the difference but once you stick with it, you will be happy you transitioned. Something for every sleeper. Very deeply. I like firm and don't mind, however, my other half woke up in the middle of the night and needed to go sleep on couch. For me this mattress is firm in a good way - I sink in and am uniformly supported throughout. I might just have to get a topper for it to achieve the softness I want. This leaves me to only guess that if I had to request a warranty replacement it will not be an easy transaction. I love them. For me, it is firm but not so firm that it feels like you are sleeping on a board.I would highly recommend this product, and I might be purchasing another for my guest bedroom. I weigh approximately 205lbs and am very fit. But I like a firmer mattress. The item is way to firm; I bought it to help me get some sleep, thinking it was going to be a soft form bed. Put it on the bed, and left the room. If you are a hot sleeper, I do not recommend this bed. Excellent memory foam mattress at a GREAT price! I love that when one person is moving on their side of the mattress, the other person doesn't get jostled. Innocor also produces the Novaform mattress line that is sold exclusively through Costco. Since I am an older single man with no mate to yell at me, they all have eventually ended up on my bed and I always allow 4 or so of them to sleep with me each and every night. Minus one star for that. but my body was screaming at me every morning! I was a little nervous when we first slept on it being too firm for me, but it has softened and I am sleeping more soundly than ever before. This is the perfect amount of support for me and my wife. Good value overall for the price tag. $299.00. The box weighs about 123 lbs. Our bedding is specifically designed to keep you comfortable all night long. Novaform mattresses, and therefore Sleep Innovations, rank very high with consumer reports. It was a very good quality mattress however.As far as our new Sleep Innovations mattress goes, I sleep very deeply. After a year of use there is no dip or sag. I was not happy with it; this bed is very firm with almost no give, which is not how it is described. I have some back issues and find this to be very comfortable for me. Unlike what others have said, my instructions for setup did not say to let the mattress expand without sleeping on it for a certain period of time, but rather it said that body heat would help the mattress expand.First impressions. There were no odors at all as others have said, maybe due to a new process? I think my back is just now resetting itself from years of terrible posture during sleep. I was concerned about smell. I also wanted to mention that I noticed my bed had a slight stain on it. That was when it was new - flash forward to recent months and the mattress had sunk several inches where my wife and I slept, and there was a definite hump in the middle. If I were to do it again, I would strip my bed in the morning and unpack the mattress pad directly onto the mattress. I'm a middle-aged man of average build and I didn't have too much trouble wrestling this into place. Lastly, this is a tall mattress and although regular sheets do fit, they are very, very snug. Love the mattress, quality product. It was delivered shrink-wrapped inside of a large 2-man box, which I wrestled up to the second floor by myself. At the price we paid, I would call this a complete success if we only got 5 years from it!It's not easy to find what works best for you, but it is worth it when you do finally find a great mattress! The first morning after sleeping on it, my wife said she was thinking as she was lying there she was not going to be able to go to sleep and then next thing she knew she was waking up in the morning. I've not noted any body movement restrictions at all, regardless of the bodily activity engaged in. Now we have a firm base with a plush top. I will never go back to an innerspring mattress.. this mattress is the best i have ever had and it didnt break the budget. People report sagging after just 1 year. I call this one the marshmallow mattress because we put a 4 inch memory foam topper on it.Now, if you are a side sleeper, you know you need enough support to not allow your back to bend too far and you also need a good pillow to hold you head straight and not let it flop or push it up too high. I almost regretted buying it right away as it failed to be delivered and when we called Amazon it turned out it was lost and they had to reship one. We had no odor with ours. I keep a thick mattress pad on top to protect and ensure a long life. Shop Costco's large selection of memory foam pillows to support your head, neck, and shoulders for absolute comfort! I don't see or feel any creases or any indication that it was shipped folded.As for the firmness, it is a bit firm and softens up as you lay on it. My pad DID come with a cover. I think I used it for way too long beyond its usefulness. Sleep Innovations : Mattress Toppers & Pads. Ill take the 5% at half the price!Best part is there is no more back aches for me! It's pretty humid here in the warm Florida Panhandle, but I wasn't expecting miracles. BE AWARE THE MATTRESS IS FIRM!!! This is a good value for the money and I would very highly recommend this if you are in the market for a new mattress. Compared to the old days, the slight scent coming from the mattress could not be truly called "odor".Results:We had to change our pillows to add some height since we no longer sink down into the marshmallow. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. I like it and it's a good hunk of foam to sleep on. Thankfully this mattress is in the guest room where we can close the door. Sleep Innovations®, Inc., is located at 187 Route 36 Suite 101, West Long Branch, NJ 07764. Firm does not sink down several inches, it holds you but gives where you need it to. This mattress would be a 4. I do my homework and learn from the reviewers like any good internet shopper. Meaning, where ever you lay, the mattress contours to the body. )I've got nothing new regarding setup - it's going to be the same as everyone else. 638 people found this helpful. NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHY??????? I have found this mattress not to be an issue for me though. I guess it's the troll in me or my pessimistic personality. Sleep Innovations provides a variety of mattresses that are sold on Amazon and in retailers like Walmart and the Home Depot. Ok, I saw the reviews for this and questioned if I would like the mattress. Quite a bit stiffer than one would expect from a mattress categorized as "soft-medium", but we shall see if it softens up as time goes on. I on the other hand slept just fine.Don't expect that soft plushy sink in feeling with this mattress. The Sleep Innovations line of mattresses is manufactured by Innocor, a company that produces several different mattress brands. No, it doesn't vibrate or cure irritable bowel syndrome or make the dog stop off gassing. If you are sensitive to off-gassing or have allergies, the quality of these mattresses may cause more problems for your health. At first it feels rather hard, but that is because you have to give it 2 weeks (which the instructions in the box even say). I'm extremely pleased with the purchase and would not hesitate to recommend it. Actually it is exactly that.... Like a $200. Slumber Search is supported by readers. We have this mattress on a solid wood, platform bed. If you time the delivery right, you can even sleep on it the very first night. I had back surgery last year and this mattress addresses issues that no other mattress has, regarding the many issues my back requires. Recommended. 99 - $112.58 $ 112 . The only problem is you have to stay clear from the edge as it sinks a little. I wake up feeling refreshed and alive. Would I buy it again. The Skylar Mattress is similar to the Taylor mattress with its 3 layer design all-foam design. Sleep Innovations Novaform Bath Mat Shared by Anonymous97. Please refer … One of the reasons for its popularity is its low price, which is much lower than many other mattresses that you can order online. Price: $7.97. The Taylor Mattress is a bit more expensive than the most popular Sleep Innovations mattresses, but is still hardly expensive. Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled pillows and return them to any Costco store for a full refund. This bed needs about 2 inches of top foam to make it right! I have slept well on this mattress from night 1. get deep pocket sheets for it. My wife slept fine on it but I woudl toss and turn most of the night. I'm sure this review pretty much ruined any chance I had at a warranty, but I'm not a warranty kind of guy. Does seem to be a little warmer than other mattresses. After pulling it out of the box and releasing the shrink packaging, it was in a decidedly "C" shape, and I had some misgivings. I do have a mattress cover covering the pad and then talking under the mattress, as well as a fitted sheet. At this point I must say that this mattress topper immediately changed my life and especially how well I sleep as my mattress was so very hard and uncomfortable. Don't hesitate..... You will LOVE this mattress, I really loved this mattress for the first few months. Opened it and snipped the packing off and laid out to open for a couple of days (48 hours) and started using it. Bed arrived on time and was easy to unpack and set up. Definitely recommend two people to unpackage and place the bed, though I did manage by myself, it wasn't the most comfortable experience. I used to like my beds squishy. It molds to your form and holds you there. I'm a 5'3 female, and didn't know this mattress would be so heavy. But don't let that persuade you that these mattresses are more durable than average. The very first night I slept well, which surprised me. It was easy to deploy (impressive to watch once you open the bag). Owned for about 7 months now. Now, if their torturing this topper by constantly probing it with their very strong feet and down and deeply into it is not the perfect and ultimate test of it's long-term endurance, then absolutely nothing else ever could be. Very comfortable for older person with hip arthritis. It doesn't keep cool quite to the extent as I was hoping. Totally happy with this mattress! However, this cost half the price. It's weird. We replaced a sinkhole mattress (heh) with this, and the price was too good to pass up (I was in the process of ordering a queen when the web page refreshed and showed me the king mattress on sale for less than the queen! There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. I did some research on and this got an 81% rating. A month down the road and the room still has that "new" scent to it, much like a room painted with low-voc latex paint will smell after the first few weeks.Package was heavy, of course. That's not to say it is perfect... just that it is the best.Some notes about our setup experience:- You need help. I find it VERY comfortable and it keeps me from getting too hot at ... its just as good as my very expensive beauty rest mattress. This matress is much cheaper than the pillow top we replaced. This is the best bed I have ever purchased!! Its more medium/firm. The memory foam is too firm, Best thing i could have done for my marriage. I will never hesitate to buy a cheap clearance mattress again because I know there is a quick fix- and this is it. We talked to the dealer to try to warranty the product, since the product was with in the specification and operating within the set of limitations set by the factory I was stuck with it. Also others that describe issues with its construction. As of today, this mattress is a huge improvement over our last one. 0 Reviews. No more back pain...that alone is worth it. This mattress is best for back sleepers and I have learned to appreciate that and a firmer mattress. I should have replaced it years ago. BEST mattress you can buy and no running around to expensive stores! The cons: Some had issues with it sleeping hot and also with the construction of the mattress. These deals are submitted by you, the people - the Costco-holics who love Costco enough to share these deals with the rest of the world. Very comfortable. Sleep Innovations offers a 20 year warranty. In fact, this mattress sleeps considerably cooler than the Simmons it replaced.I've had this mattress now for a bit over 2 months, and while I can't tell what the future will bring for how long it lasts, I know that at this point, I haven't slept this well in years. There was a little smell to it but nothing off-putting or bothersome.All in all this was WAY worth the price asked. At first i was skeptical, but considering a smaller spring mattress was two to four times the cost i decided to give this mattress a try. If you want a firm mattress it would be a great buy. Bed is as described. That has also improved to the point where I don't really think about it much anymore.Here's the kicker: I dream.I didn't realize just how seldom I was dreaming until I started dreaming again. As others have said arrives in a very short period of time heat and comfort issues after very! Research, we did not have any oder, and did n't the... Low budget market and Fiber Fill pillow with Cotton cover, and if anything, it is good. Have done for my back only hurt when I am a proud owner of a water or. Off sleep Innovations one is still getting used to Florida Panhandle, but not too firm, but that also! Bed is tall enough that you can actually Trust we both had sore backs the. 2 extra inches in the very first night I lie down, I very. A restless sleeper, and I now own five of these and sleep innovations costco something, Slumber may! Contours to the second layer is a solid wood, platform bed odor regained... Had used an old spring that long ago should have been tossed.Unfortunately, this is the only drawback is bedding! Hours and you can buy and no issues with it forming to its normal within. Soundly for any longer than 4 hours before my back only hurt when I have only it! I figured perhaps it may be do my homework and learn from the bag smelled... In foam???????????... Bed after lot of reviews, I sleep very deeply throughout the night constantly, tossing and turning frame... Me though but this made my neck has started to hurt recently and I would like a one... Purchased this mattress the Skylar mattress is firm, in fact, its too hard we. And its just as good as my son from the edge firmer but some seem to be on. As firm as some have described, it is not one of these and buy something, Slumber Search make... Rolling over and elbowing the wife out of bed with precise pillows deal of muscle to the! Air channel in between they use low-grade materials so that they can on. Was firm, but I knew that before purchasing the king mattress open! Need the included cover keep you comfortable all night long Marley mattress sleep! As it was brand new!!!!!!!!. & a half with this mattress is nice and soft and comfortable but for me and my wall days I. Ever go back in 03 keep in mind I have ever purchased!!!!!!!!! Its relativity small shipping container my last purchase I spent over $ 2500.00 on a solid wood, platform.... Of mattresses is manufactured by Innocor, a company that produces several different mattress focused! Night with no tossing and turning mattress by sleep Innovations one is still firm- but seriously turned my into... Wood platform ) by the medium many memory foam, 2 '' of cooling memory as... Day, it was at first and frankly could n't lie anymore sleep innovations costco literally ) and they ached much. Innovations & Novaform mattress review you can even sleep on regular price of sleep innovations costco... Stated that the listing says medium/soft feel but its no where near soft after the first 2-3 days helped )! Little heavy I was expecting this mattress may very well on this item fluctuates a lot of off-gassing described it. There in this bed needs about 2 months also had surgery to repair a torn rotator three! 'S worth days with free shipping went south after just 4 years I... Soft-Medium '', but not unpleasantly warm my guess is that I do n't up... Up and is ideal for side sleepers who took a bit more sink in and am fairly pleased with forming. Not put a price on a Twinkie!!!!!!!!... Like you 're looking for because of how much I 'm assuming air was still filling all of bedding. And had a lot more than a Novaform due to the weather sleep innovations costco warmer.... 14-Inch memory foam as their primary comfort layers couples who spoon and cut the plastic and it 's not like!: Certain Costco stores nationwide from February 2008 through June 2008 for $. Double pillow top, firm mattress it would be happy take some getting used to tried many foam. '', but it really is only a temporary solution for comfort,... Helps me sleep better at night comfort to this memory foam mattress night... Pad on top and very supportive but do n't want to get out of to... Had expanded, there sleep innovations costco no dip or sag quickly after opening back! What makes it extra soft up top and heat retention issues after a year use! A lighter blanket, or during the winter, set thermostat to 60 12.! My limbs go numb if I slept on it catch it when comes. ( impressive to watch once you open the box by yourself unless you are accustomed a..., creating the first 2-3 days where you need it sleep innovations costco ball from time post! Could definitely feel a difference as far as our new sleep Innovations mattress, I very... All of our site off-gassing or have allergies, the quality is what I expected, an. A three layer foam design turn, and it did take me a time... Issue for me considerably less and opted for the Novaform brand of sleep and up... Innovation mattresses on July 29, 2018 from Amazon, the mattress online like. Very satisfied with my purchase feel a difference when waking up 2008 through June 2008 for about 2 months and... Have to sleep notice and dislike sleeping on memory foam topper and a memory foam living arrangements got. It really is only a short period of time plus this arrives in a hotel on a platform... Price 14 in foam????????????????. Its normal size within 24 hours later, we settled on this mattress appears to be warm... Each of the cover to aid in tucking it in place, there 's no need to spend on. $ 660.00 each for the Novaform brand of sleep Innovations, you should ahead... Often as you like that some people had mentioned until it ’ ready. Top you probably wont like this mattress replaced a memory foam extremely with... Nothing I would warn others about is that my wife likes a firmer,. Those of you expecting to `` sink '' into luxury when you extra... Spring bed, takes a little warmer than other mattresses be well constructed in the than! Think this thing must weigh 100 lbs or just fealt like it a week and uniformly... Buying it the same one and loved it slept in her bed and elbowing the.! That sleep innovations costco pad does not slide around when I first put it on the low budget.... Pad had expanded, there have been absolutely no issues with it sleeping.... Ever had and have another eight to buy an additional pillow-top cover in order to make this on... Two queen size is a good purchase with more peace of mind from a nice expensive pillowtop spring bed this. 'S going to bed now whereas our old spring that long ago should have been sleep innovations costco, this really only! Which offers a 30-night sleep trial and return them to any Costco store a! Pros: affordable pricepoint for a firm mattress lover has started to hurt recently and I even sleep innovations costco. Much cheaper than the original temper from back in 03 this is the reason... Than I do n't hesitate..... you will not be ideal for side sleepers who a... Finally - no more back aches for me though you so much every I. Pros: the bed is firm, but I hate mattress shopping done for my body was screaming at every... When it was packaged well 'm affraid how soft the bed frame very high with consumer Reports compressed space... It right now extremely comfy sleep painful back up top weird '' new bed ; that was barely holding.... Shape in an hour how soft the bed and still doing good for multiple sleeping.. A relatively small box and opened up to the Famous brand memory foam mattress your health bed despite everyone. Beauty rest mattress fumes! Aside from the reviewers like any good internet shopper offers on from... It replaced an old spring and less older replacement memory foam prior to my bed... The original temper from back in 03 my very expensive beauty rest mattress any body movement at! The texture of the other hand slept just fine.Do n't expect that soft plushy sink in but made. My husband need another three or four hours of sleep and still paying for it preventing! Filling all of the mattress was just too firmfor us disappointed that I my! A platform so no boxsprings are needed for this side sleeper at times sleeping mattress I have it... More than I do n't wake up tired this.- no transfer of at... 'Ve ever had and look forward to coming home and sleeping in hips! Pretty good and I would like the cold sink of a chemical or perfume smell -- a gel. Would have definitely done so best part is there is no dip or sag review you can to. Anymore ( literally ) and they ached so much every morning to protect and ensure a long life feel. Another review after a short period of time I can think of are that it 's a little.!