I WOULD LIKE TO WISH EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS…. Christmas in Cyprus is a family holiday, which means it is usually celebrated in a narrow circle among families. Presents are opened on New Year’s Day Though the primary religion in Cyprus is Greek Orthodox , most people celebrate Christmas on 25 December rather than the traditional Orthodox date in January. Tip: If you want the cake to last longer, spray it with more alcohol. Christmas cake centerpiece Christmas decoration fake cake faux Christmas cake fake bake fake sweet Christmas cake cycle lollipops drip cake Customwreathbysaphir. 5 out of 5 stars (63) $ 125.00. One of the key meals on the table is Christmas cake. DEAR FRIENDS, HERE IS MY VERSION FOR CHRISTMAS CAKE, VERY AROMATIC AND FULL OF FLAVOUR. Savory pies and … Some cakes which are not part of our culinary habits have been adapted by us and added to our cuisine. CHRISTMAS CAKE 2018 – INGREDIENTS For the preserved 500g dried … Real recipes from Cyprus by Akis Petretzikis. The Christmas Cake is definitely not a traditional Greek cake but it was introduced to us when Cyprus was a British Colony in the 1950s. FIND INGREDIENTS IN ENGLISH, GREEK and PORTUGUESE BELLOW. Learn how to cook famous and delicious Cypriot dishes with the help of the step by step instructions of the chef. I can remember it from my childhood and I have been doing this recipe ever since I was in high school. Savory pumpkin turnovers more. Christmas cake - recipe for a delicious rich and moist Christmas cake made in Cyprus full of fruits and nuts. Among these cakes is the Christmas cake, which must have been introduced to us when Cyprus was a British Colony. Ingredients ½ cup various kinds of raisins 1/3 cup palm finely chopped ½ cup cognac 1/3 cup dried fruits 1/3 cup almonds roughly sliced 1/3 cup walnuts