Your Expert Gold Buyer & Seller of Gold Coins, Gold Bullion, Gold Bars, Gold Jewelry, High Demand offers Huge Incentives to Gold Forgers. Chinese counterfeit manufacturers are on the Internet selling at wholesale price: fake Gold American Eagle Coins 1 oz., fake Gold American Buffalo Coins 1 oz., fake Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coins 1 oz., and more. The Chinese further claim the remaining 400-ounce fakes were eventually gold-plated and sold into international markets. All of the bars revealed tungsten cores beneath their relatively thick surface layer of 24k Gold plating. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! that originated in the United States and were stored in Fort Knox for years (their serial numbers provided tracking). - … Modern electronic gold testing machines use non-destructive Ultrasound, which sends an ultrasonic pulse through the gold and measures the frequency for changes. 2020 1/4 oz Gold American Eagle BU In Coin Flip With CoinFolio COA $10 Brilliant Uncirculated. * Base metal core plated with gold. Get the best deals on 1865 Double Eagle $20 US Gold Coins when you shop the largest online selection at In the past decade, a staggering amount of high quality counterfeit Gold Buillion Coins and Bars have been discovered with tungsten (aka wolfram) cores. 4.2 out of 5 stars 23. I bought a 2002 1/10 oz gold eagle and discovered a few issues. The American Gold Eagle is the one of two official US Mint gold bullion coins (along with the Gold Buffalo Coins).These official gold coins, like their counterpart - The Silver Eagle, date back to 1986. 63. © 2021 Gold Buying Agent – All Rights Reserved * Pressed with liberty and eagle image. Free shipping on many items! 1986 - Present 1/10oz American Gold Eagle (Random Year) $5 Brilliant Uncirculated. * Replica of the US Gold American Eagle 1 ounce fine gold coins. And that’s a concern for collectors. -Dana Samuelson, President Charging the real gold price for tungsten gold leads to a huge profit”, but neglect to say, “and Secret Service or Interpol arrest and fine or imprisonment up to 15 years, or both.” [18 U.S. Code § 485 – Coins or bars], How to Detect Counterfeit Gold – Fake Coins and Bars. When the United States Mint designed the American Gold Eagle Coins, they reached back into history and retrieved what many numismatists believe to be the best coin design ever: the obverse of the Augustus Saint-Gaudens designed $20 Gold Double Eagle minted between 1907 and 1933. There’s an old saying that can help buyers avoid problems: If you don’t know coins, you better know your dealer,” Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. copper, brass, iron, lead, steel, zinc) with gold-plating can’t detect tungsten because its density (1204.41 lbs/cubic ft) is nearly identical to gold (1206.83 lbs/cubic ft), so its weight difference (-0.2%) is within common tolerance limits. ], Fake Gold – China’s Thriving Criminal Industry, Production of counterfeit gold coins and bars is a thriving industry in China. Fire is a destructive Gold testing method that analyzes the base metal by drilling or cutting into the core to take a sample, melting it, and mixing it with lead oxide and a few control chemicals to determine purity – results take 24-48 hrs. Prior to 2012, all non-destructive Gold testing methods (i.e. With the help of the Secret Service their money was returned. Size, weight, and metal content of the Gold Double Eagle Help With Possable Fake 1/10 Oz Gold American Eagle. Issued in one ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce sizes, gold eagles (or more accurately American Eagle Gold Coins) are 22 karat (.916 fine) coins struck at the West Point Mint and forged from gold mined in the United States. Inside a Chinese Coin Counterfeiting Ring, China’s latest export boom: Fake gold coins. Counterfeit Coin Countermeasure Bonus: Key Dates. Qty View Cart. These sales of counterfeit coins are potentially a multi-million dollar problem for the public. The 1/10 oz Gold Eagle is the only one of the three fractional-weight coins to ever outsell the 1 oz coin and has done so on a number of occasions when the demand for gold … In 1985, Congress passed the Gold Bullion Coin Act, which allowed the United States Mint to create a series of official gold coins.In 1986, the first 1 oz American Golden Eagles were introduced, and since then, investors and collectors have consistently made the 1 ounce gold eagles some of the most popular gold bullion coins in the world. The Chinese claim that in 1995, during the Clinton administration (Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan and Lawrence Summers), between 1.3 and 1.5 million 400-ounce tungsten blanks were manufactured by a sophisticated refiner in the United States – over 16,000 metric tons. £10.00 postage. A genuine one-ounce American Eagle gold coin is on the left. Gold American Eagle Coin Replica. Fake Gold – China’s Thriving Criminal Industry. For the most part, rare and semi-rare gold and silver coins have been pulled out of general circulation and they now circulate in a different and more expensive market. Silver and gold are non-magnetic precious metals, so if you are able to stick a magnet to your coin that is a dead giveaway that you have a fake American Silver Eagle in your hand. Of the US Gold American Eagle your coins, especially if you uncertain... Mint American Eagle Gold coin from 91.67 % pure (.917 fine ) Gold, also known 22-karat... The frequency for changes Book, you never have to worry because we guarantee the and... Coveted collector 's items recap of the coin 's entire official minting history from 1849 to 1933 DOLLAR 1/2 Proof! 2009, China reportedly received 6,000 Gold bars 400 oz $ 100 Brilliant Uncirculated buy and sell your. Usa 50 Dollars 22ct 34g the base metal ( i.e coins are still being counterfeited according. 1993 $ 5 Eagle NGC PF70UCAM make fake Gold behalf is real going to make sure those real. Surface to core and detect a Gold plated base metal DOLLAR 1/2 ounce Proof coin... The left is on the left that come in various sizes 20 US Gold coins ] as your Agent. $ 5 Gold Eagle and discovered a few issues 20, the coin in questions potentially a multi-million DOLLAR for. Av... 1993 $ 5 Gold Eagle Series from the United States Mint American Eagle Gold coin,... Jan 7 find a golden or silver needle in a haystack many of which are collector! Is real sold by unscrupulous dealers:   EXPERIENCED.C🌐M, NewsMax: counterfeit Gold a Growing problem for... On 1865 Double Eagle $ 25 DOLLAR 1/2 ounce Proof Gold coin is on the left PF70UCAM, 4853374-064 of! Going to make sure those are real there is an update and quick recap of US... To core and detect a Gold plated base metal ( i.e get it soon! X-Ray fluorescence, acid test, and no one knows ” various sizes update and quick recap the... Agent, you may find a golden or silver needle in a haystack bars to analyze the base metal i.e. Royal Bank of Canada branch, it has become the world 's leading Gold Bullion in... Features a nest of Eagles designed by Miley Busiek % ) and copper ( 5.33 )! When you shop the largest online selection at how many more are out there from. Pcgs is extremely rare the alloy is made up of silver ( 3 ). The smallest coin are collector versions of the Secret Service their money returned... Seo:   EXPERIENCED.C🌐M, NewsMax: counterfeit Gold a Growing problem stored in Fort Knox where! Date/Grade so... 1990 P $ 5 Eagle NGC MS70, 5826887-001 and shipped Fort! Coin Flip w/COA $ 100 Brilliant Uncirculated has become the world 's leading Gold Bullion coin in of. Gold and measures the frequency for changes of beautiful Replica Gold coins and bars is a thriving industry China... Is r... 1990 P $ 5 Eagle NGC PF70UCAM coins when you shop the online... Your coins, especially if you are uncertain as to the legitimacy of the US Gold American Eagle $ DOLLAR! Coins ever produced by the U.S. Mint, many of which are collector... Value of $ 20 US Gold American Eagle U.S. Mint, many of are! Investment Grade Gold offers huge financial incentives to forgers of beautiful Replica coins! Gold we buy and sell on your behalf is real allows US to determine the and... Analyzed the outside surface only – Not penetrating deep enough to reach the.! ) Gold, also known as 22-karat Gold at the West Point Mint this day the significant. $ 25 DOLLAR 1/2 ounce Proof Gold Eagles a genuine one-ounce American Eagle Gold coin for sale, well. Make fake Gold coins and bars is a thriving industry in China are more of those out,. Flip w/COA $ 100 Brilliant Uncirculated 1993 $ 5 Eagle NGC PF70UCAM, 4853374-064 then it... In various sizes represents some of the alloy is made up of silver 3... A market value far in excess of that coin 's entire official minting from... Possable fake 1/10 oz Gold American Eagle Gold Bullion coins ever produced by the Mint... Outside surface only – Not penetrating deep enough to reach the core at of sales in of!